Baltimore Reiki Healer And Mentor

You’ve come to the right place if you’re ready to stop struggling with…

Aches & pains
Lack of confidence
Low self-esteem
Low energy

Reiki energy healing is known to balance your mind, body, and soul so you can live a life that’s free of worry and burden. It connects you to that I-got-your-back kind of energy so you can kick your feet up and start seeing life for the playground that it is!

*Note I am not a doctor nor a therapist. As a spiritual counselor, I help you remove the emotional and energetic blocks that are at the root of these issues. My healing methods are a great enhancer to any medical treatment you are currently receiving, but are not meant to serve as a replacement.

Reiki Master

Nothing feels worse than waking up to tension in your jaw or that pit in your stomach, wondering what consequences you have to try to avoid today.

But what if one day you woke up, feeling completely in harmony with the world around you? Things were falling into place, you were making genuine connections with people, and for once you were actually excited for what surprises the day held for you?

With immersive Reiki energy healing and other spiritual healing modalities, I’m dedicated to helping you access that new life.

I believe we’re all on a mission to break through our own personal glass ceilings and move mountains. That’s why I’ve got your back to help you become your most resilient, confident self.

All good things!

You’re in good hands.

Here’s what my clients recognize me for:

Spiritual Insight
Your sessions are guided with powerful intuitive, unconditional spiritual advice.

I’m big on “holding space”, meaning I will never try to “fix” you to make myself feel better or put you down for anything you share with me.

Contagious Enthusiasm
I can’t fake this stuff—I love what I do. And chances are, you’ll leave feeling just as hype about what the universe has in store for you as I do 🙂

Here’s how I can help:


Been feeling scattered, depressed, or in pain but nothing has helped? This energy healing treatment will change that immediately.

“After going through this with Lauren, I feel more clarity; I feel really positive about moving forward.”

Mary, Reiki Client
reiki york pa

Spiritual Healing Mentorships

Ready to take things to the next level and learn all the tools and knowledge you need to take your power back in all areas of your life?

This virtual one-on-one spiritual mentoring equips you to release the burdens you’ve carried for far too long so you can see life with fresh eyes.

Heal yourself, heal the world.

Learn how your investment in yourself is an investment in others.

Baltimore • York • Harford • Towson • Jerretsville

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