Make a Decision When You Don’t Know What You Want

Do you ever run away when someone asks you to make a decision? You know you avoid the questions like, “Where do you want to eat?” or “What movie do you want to watch?” or even, “What time and place should we get together?”

It can totally be awkward when you “get it wrong” and they tell you your choice was somehow the wrong choice, even though they never gave you clear expectations or parameters.

I get it—it’s a lot easier to skip that anxiety of making decisions and instead just pawn it off on someone else than it is to deal with the embarrassment of making the wrong suggestion.

Why You Should Be Making Decisions

You’re not going to get it wrong, even if it seems like you will. But if you continue letting other people make even the smallest decisions for you, they’ll add up and you’re not going to be able to make the big ones for yourself.

And the life you’re living? It won’t be yours.

But! You can make a decision without the fear of making the wrong choice. It’s called using your intuition, something we all have access to, and I’ll show you how to tune into it in this video.

Watch this video to know how to make the right decision every time, so you can take your power back (and keep scrolling for a bonus tip!)

Decision-Making Bonus Tip!

If you don’t want the burden of being judged for making a decision that’s true to you, just say, “My intuition is telling me to _______.”

Then you’re off the hook! It’s the truth, and it takes the responsibility off of you. Instead it becomes a point of curiosity: Where is my intuition taking me/us? It will be fun to find out!

All good things,

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Published by Lauren Mudrock

Lauren is a Reiki Master and priestess who has learned to trust the universe so much she can't help but smile even amidst difficult challenges. She once wrote a profile on her Grandfather that read, "It's like he wrote a book on how to live the most meaningful life and buried it somewhere...I hope to dig up that book one day and wring it out for all it's worth." Since his passing, she's found the "book" and continues wringing out the wisdom that pours out of it. Now she helps people empower themselves to do the same through Reiki healing, guided meditations, and inner-healing workshops.

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