A few years ago I had a few major transitions in my life that stemmed from and added to my depression and anxiety that kept me up at night, literally shaking for hours. I was too overwhelmed by people, too scared to take chances that were what I truly wanted, and too fearful of the consequences. On top of that, I was terrified of death and had no idea what came next.

My whole life felt like a giant punishment, and I was constantly avoiding responsibility out of fear, something that ultimately made me resent others and feed into my own isolation. I had dropped out of college because it was a painful experience, and while my parents were nice enough to let me stay at home, there was major tension between us that compounded day by day.

Life went on, and even though I didn’t have a degree, I managed to get a pretty decent corporate job, and I was still living at home to save money and pay my bills. However, one day things between my parents blew up and forced me out on my own. It was less about the material fears; I literally felt like I had no one on my side in my entire life, and all of my fears were coming true.

But in those moments I heard a very powerful voice in my head say, “Leave, heal yourself, and you will come back and heal them, too.”

So I did. I stopped all communication with them whatsoever, and focused on healing myself through Reiki and spiritual studies. Over the next few months, my depression and anxiety faded entirely, and I became so confident in who I truly was and what life was about. I built a deep trust with the universe that helped me create the reality of my dreams effortlessly.

And about a year later, I reconnected with my parents, and I introduced them both to Reiki and other spiritual concepts. Now we’re best friends, and they’ve both started on their own healing journeys. I’m seeing them smile and have a purpose to keep going and to live for more. The voice was right all along.

Some say that we may not be responsible for what instances happened to us in the past, but we are responsible for healing from them. And when we heal ourselves, we heal generational wounds, future circumstances, and everyone we come in contact with, without even trying.

As we move through these emotional traumas, we actually heal our bodies physically. That’s because everything starts at an energetic level.

If you’re curious to learn more about where your healing with take you—what it will cure, how it will give you peaceful power over your life—let’s chat. You can start the healing process immediately with a Reiki treatment or gain clarity on what’s holding you back with a virtual breakthrough session.