Raise Your Vibration — The F*&! Does That Mean?

When someone tells you to raise your vibration but gives zero other context…

Do you always see posts on Instagram or Pinterest that shout, “Raise your vibe! #vibetribe #spiritualbabez” but you’re like, “The f*&! does that even mean? Do any of these people actually know what they’re saying?! How does one ‘raise their vibration’?”

They just kind of say it and ghost without any explanation. So you’re left thinking, “Am I the only one that doesn’t know how to do this?”

You’re not the only one. And you’re certainly not going to “raise your vibe” just by saying “I’m raising my vibe now!”

Today I’m going to shed some light on what “raise your vibration” really means and how to do it so you actually benefit from those posts.

how to raise your vibration
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What’s a vibe?

If you’re a highly sensitive person, you’re going to understand vibes immediately. Most simply understood, a vibe is a feeling someone/something gives off.

At a deeper level, we are all energy—everything around us is energy—that has been slowed down so much that we can exist in physical form. That means there’s a whole other way the world is communicating and connecting rather than just through physical action.

What’s good to know is that our energies are all vibrating at different levels and change from moment to moment.

How to pick up on vibrations

When you’re determining the vibe of something, you can feel it as an emotion or sensation in your body. In a high vibration, you will feel physically lighter—like you’re floating, like things are easy, fun, and playful. On the other hand, you can recognize a low vibration by its feelings of heaviness, restriction, burden, effort, etc.

Knowing this information, you can tell what kind of vibe is in any room you’re in; where there’s a comfortable one, or one of tension or discord.

And all of that happens below the physical appearances. It all shows up as feelings in our bodies.

I once stood in between a boss and co-worker having a passive argument while trying to keep cool around the rest of the team. It was the first time I was able to feel all of the tense energy run like a cord from one person, through my body, and out to the other person. I had never felt anything like that before.

It was also the first time I was able to recognize that it wasn’t just my own feelings I was feeling; I had been completely fine seconds prior to that. When I felt it, I was completely separate from that energy, and once we all left, it went away (and if it was me feeling uncomfortable, the feeling would have hung around for a while.)

Think about it in terms of your own experience—it’s easy to tell when someone’s being inauthentic or trying to force something to work out when it’s just not meant to be. It’s awkward, pushy and just not fun. And you cringe because it becomes physically uncomfortable for you.

We’re all capable of sniffing out vibes from other people, but we normally discredit that sixth-sense.

raise your vibration

So, I’m giving off a vibration to other people then, too, huh?

Yes, but it’s less important to worry about what other people are picking up from our energy fields and more important for us to focus on what we’re bringing into our own personal experiences as a result of being in a certain vibration.

When we get too caught up in being accepted by society, we lower our vibration even more, so consider letting that go.

How our own vibrations affects us

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction by now. But if not, you just need to know that everything in the universe is connected, and you get what you focus on. Simple to learn, but quite difficult to master (until it isn’t!).

It’s like an underground system that no one can see, delivering to us whatever we focus our attention on. The energetic vibrations we put out tell that underground system to bring us more experiences that match them.

Everything you focus on has its own vibration, so when you concentrate on the things that make you feel bad, your emotions—your “emotional guidance system”, as Abraham Hicks calls it—lets you know you don’t want to keep thinking in that direction, otherwise you’re going to see more in your life that makes you feel bad, make you worry, see lack, etc.

But when you’re thinking thoughts that make you feel good, your emotions are going to let you know that, too, and they’re telling you to keep thinking and feeling that way because you’re going to bring more things into your physical reality that reflect that.

So if you want to live a life that is in tune, connected, prosperous, and just feels good, raise your vibration—feel that lightness—especially before taking any action.

Why you need to raise your vibration before doing anything

As I mentioned, in this universe, everything’s inclusive (this is an all-inclusive experience…how cool is that?). So focusing on wanting the bad to go away won’t make it go away, it will only bring more. That’s why it’s important to raise your vibration before doing anything, so you can shift your focus.

However, we tend to discredit this reality and often pass moments off as coincidences when good things show up, or we pass them off as bad luck or not working hard enough when things go awry.

Because everything in the universe is connected, neither of those beliefs are actually true—nothing is a coincidence. Your vibration (through thoughts and feelings) is really stringing together the physical manifestations you’re seeing in your current reality.

Hence, no coincidence is just coincidence, and no bad luck is just chance.

That means if you go into something feeling tense and under pressure, you’re going to have an experience that reflects that. So it’s best not to participate in the event, or if you’re going to, at least reala x and raise your vibration first.

raise your vibe


If you’re coming from a place of “I need this to work out!” You’re going to see more and more stressful situations blocking you from getting what you’re looking for. However, when you get into a higher, laid-back vibration, you realize you didn’t need the thing to workout at all, and that there are thousands of avenues available for you to get what you’re looking for (which is ultimately happiness and high-feeling vibrations).

In those states of high-vibes, the perfect people and resources show up seemingly out of nowhere and give you exactly what you need. But they were delivered to you through that “underground system”.

So before doing anything, check in with where your vibration stands.

See if your body—I feel it most in my chest or my back—feels heavy and worried, or if it feels expanded and light and like anything is possible.

If it’s heavy, it will serve you best to raise that energy to be closer to the light energy before proceeding with your endeavors. You’ll get SO much more out of them that way.

Think about the old lady who complains at the grocery store…is she really getting what she wants? No. She’s getting more of what she doesn’t want by choosing to focus on it and feed into it.

In my own experience, when I’ve complimented servers at restaurants because I genuinely had something nice to say to them, I’ve gotten so many free things. Now I don’t use this to my advantage, and I never expect it, but there’s quite a difference in what you get when you’re focused on “nothing’s going right!” versus “all is well and I want to share that with everyone.”

How to raise your vibration

I received a strong intuitive hit the other day during my meditation that made this concept more tangible and practical. In that meditation, I calmed my thoughts and got right into receiving mode (more on receiving mode in this post).

Because my energy was high enough, I was able to download similar thoughts that came from that same high vibration: clear thoughts, simple thoughts, well-communicated thoughts, loving thoughts, loving feelings, empowering thoughts.

This is what came through:

raise your vibration

To raise your vibration (energy), you don’t have to have a bouncing-off-the-walls kind of energy. It just means to detach from needing specific situations to make you feel better and to keep an open mind to all ways life expresses itself.

Your vibration stems from your conscious awareness, so become vastly aware of the parts of life that feel good to you, even if you only have one thing. But the most important thing is this:

Don’t think good thoughts, feel good thoughts.

The goal is to obtain this more consistently. To do that is to have “a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing,” as Wayne Dyer says.

Your next painless action steps to raise your vibration:

  1. Meditate to detach from your mind. This will allow any stressful thoughts and feelings to slow down so you can make space for better feeling thoughts. (For help, here’s my article on how to actually get something out of meditation.)
  2. Think of the most heart-warming memories, ideas, or thoughts that come to mind. Pay attention to how the energy shifts inside your body.
  3. Simmer in that feeling for as long as you can. Bring your awareness back to that feeling whenever you realize your mind has gone off somewhere else. Remember: it’s not about thinking good thoughts, it’s about feeling good thoughts.

How I can help

Understanding energy, how to raise your vibration, and how to maintain it is easy to learn, but often very difficult to master on your own. Having someone help you find your way will help you skip the self-sabotage and turbo-boost you to success. If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, let’s get you on a free virtual mentoring session with me!

In the Baltimore area and need a boost to get your good vibes started? Reiki energy healing helps every time! As a Reiki healer, I channel that relaxing, I-got-your-back kind of energy to you and help you gain confidence, resilience, and peace of mind without you doing a single thing. Learn more about it here.

All good things,

P.S. Now it’s your turn to share wisdom with me and the rest of the community! How do you raise your vibe? What affects did you notice when you acted from a high vibration versus a low one? Leave a comment below!

If you know anyone who could use this post, help them out and share it with them!

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Lauren is a Reiki energy healer near Baltimore, York PA, Timonium, and Towson areas. If you’re looking for Reiki near Baltimore or Reiki near York, PA, give her a chat! Her mobile Reiki business means you don’t have to waste time driving to get to your appointment. Instead she comes to you, and you and your home both get the benefits of this powerful energy healing treatment at a time and place that’s convenient for you! Interested in setting up a Reiki treatment? Contact Lauren here.

No motivation to work? Here’s the one the one thing that will change that.

When finding motivation to work feels like a chore

I had often been the kind of person who had their head in the clouds and was constantly resisting any kind of work. If my entire being wasn’t inspired to do something, no one was going to convince me.

This is something I always got away with back in school; I usually did all my homework in homeroom because I didn’t have to work hard to get good grades. Quite frankly, I only wanted to sleep when I got home from school because the school day was such a chore.

I knew I couldn’t get away with that as an adult, but still I found myself surrendering to my stubborn spirit. I only wanted to enjoy life, and I felt that sting of burden from anything I had to put effort into…especially when I didn’t know if it was going to pay off.

So many people around me were working full-time jobs while being full-time students, and I felt like I was the only person who wouldn’t push through that pain and force myself to be a workhorse.

So how you do find motivation to work when you have none? It all comes down to energy.

no motivation to work

How energy affects your motivation to work

Take a moment to think about a time you were getting ready for something you really enjoyed, say a rock-climbing trip or a weekend camping trip with your friends. Really let the feelings of that memory sink in. Your excitement for the experience was so high that none of the work—the packing, planning, or the driving—felt like actual work. In fact, it was all effortless.

That’s because you were coming from a place of zero resistance. You were following the calling of your inner-being, and you were having fun.

Recall that excitement showing up in your body in this present moment.

Now sink back into your current shoes, where you’re not enjoying the experience in front of you, and it’s taking every last bit of your will power to not quit your job and go take a month-long nap.

How did your body shift when remembering each of those circumstances? What about your emotions, your physical feelings, your thoughts?

Tune into the physical sensations moving around in different areas of your body. All of that is energy—light energy vs heavy energy.

When you’re coming from that energetic place of non-resistance, everything becomes easier. You get into the universal receptive mode, and that’s when ideas come to you, inspiration comes to you, and flow becomes your best friend.

In that space, nothing’s an issue. Work and motivation go hand and hand.

work when not motivated

“Work” spills into home-life

When you’re not in that open vibration, you’re literally cutting yourself off from the ease and joy that can be experienced in doing any task—even cleaning toilets or writing a 15-page report on accounting.

The truth is, when work feels like a chore, so does the rest of your life. You come home and just want to recoup, so you watch TV and ignore the dishes, your dog, and your laundry.

Before you know it, everything feels overwhelming and you just want to escape it all. However, the same thing is true in the opposite direction: when work feels inspired and inspiring, the rest of your life does, too. Cleaning up becomes an enhancement, you look forward to playing with your dog, and your energy is boosted by everything you do because it’s actually enjoyable.

Energy comes first, everything else comes second.

It’s not our outside circumstances that need to change for us to be fulfilled, it’s shifting our energy that makes our outside circumstances transform into cooperative, enjoyable experiences. That means that project you’re not motivated to do can become both cooperative and enjoyable.

Dr. Sue Morter also speaks about this in The Energy Codes when she writes, “We have to let our energy lead and the mind follow.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying, “toughen up, buttercup,” because I think there are a lot of missed opportunities in that mindset.

I’m saying the same thing that Wayne Dyer has always said:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Those difficult people you’re working on a project with? They move to a new project, or they become inspired to be more engaged and cooperative. That deadline you’ve been stressing over? Someone pushes it back. That paper you don’t want to write? It writes itself, and you’re just the scribe.

It’s possible, because I’ve cultivated this kind of life for myself.

So how do you do it for you?

How to shift from no motivation to work to off-the-walls inspired

how to find motivation to work

The next time you find yourself with no motivation to work, whether out of fear, pressure, or sheer resistance, ask yourself this: how can I make this more fun?

I once worked as a project facilitator at a tech company. Every 10 weeks we’d have an innovation week, and the programmers would be expected to give a presentation about their innovation.

The innovations were amazing, but speaking about them in front of 50+ people were the programmers’ biggest fears, so the presentations dragged on. What was supposed to be the best week ever the most dreaded week ever for everyone.

As mediators, my team wrestled with how to make this work as a win-win situation for both management and the developers. Every idea we had was denied, until I asked myself this question: what made these kinds of things so fun when I was a kid?

Good things come to those who play

Immediately my mind flooded with memories of science fairs and the excitement of both creating and sharing my work. What came out of that thought was the “Innovation Fair”; programmers could share their work with small groups of stakeholders as they visited their individual booths. The pressure of speaking to a large audience dissipated, and those who cared most about the projects were able to have invaluable conversations that would have originally been missed.

And when it launched, all parties agreed that the Innovation Fair itself was the best innovation that increment. Win-win-win.

When we turn things into a playful energy, we let our inner-child take the wheel. And no, not the “broken” one that still holds onto embarrassing memories that keeps you un-motivated and stuck. But the one that is true to you and your most genuine nature.

Because we are all creators, naturally. It just seems hard because our minds cover it up.

Your next painless action step to find motivation in any work

When you don’t have any motivation, don’t try to give yourself a pep-talk to finish your work, no matter what the project is. You should never “work harder” or “just push through it”. That will backfire and drain so much of your energy.

If you want your work to feed into your energy instead, do this:

  1. Go take 15 minutes to play. Stop everything right now. Go do something that gets you so involved that your mind has no room to criticize, worry, or even think about your project. Find what works for you. Hacky sack is my personal favorite, but think out of the box like DDR or slackline. Find whatever really gets your energy into the same energy you felt when you remembered your trip with your friends.

    Permission for recess granted 😉
  2. Come back and ask yourself, “How can I make this fun?”. Be open to what follows, even if it seems like something the rest of the world would judge. It’s about the work, not the ego, so get that out of here!
  3. Remember: energy first, everything else second.
no motivation to work

How I can help

Did you know that you can shift the entire vibration of a room just by being in it? Quantum physics proves this over and over again.

Sometimes we can’t figure out how to shift our energy on our own to take the pressure off ourselves. But just being around people who are already in that vibration will do that for you. Seriously—I was at a networking group with a bunch of other healers the other night; I left feeling like I was floating in a bubble. So many ideas came to me and so much of my life fell into place without me lifting a single finger the next day!

That’s exactly what Reiki energy healing does for you. As a Reiki healer, I channel that relaxing, I-got-your-back kind of energy to you and help you gain confidence, resilience, and peace of mind without doing a single thing.

Wanna hear the kind of things people experience with me? Let’s chat. Head over to my contact page to start the conversation and learn more!

All good things,

P.S. Now it’s your turn to share some wisdom! What projects do you find the most de-motivating? How have you shifted your energy from stagnant to off-the-walls inspired to complete them? Leave a comment below, and if you know someone who could use this, share it!

reiki near baltimore, york, towson, and timonium

Lauren is a Reiki energy healer near Baltimore, York, Timonium, and Towson areas. If you’re looking for Reiki near Baltimore or Reiki near York, PA, give her a chat! Her mobile Reiki business means you don’t have to waste time driving to get to your appointment. Instead she comes to you, and you and your home both get the benefits of this powerful energy healing treatment at a time and place that’s convenient for you! Interested in setting up a Reiki treatment? Contact Lauren here.

Make a Decision When You Don’t Know What You Want

Do you ever run away when someone asks you to make a decision? You know you avoid the questions like, “Where do you want to eat?” or “What movie do you want to watch?” or even, “What time and place should we get together?”

It can totally be awkward when you “get it wrong” and they tell you your choice was somehow the wrong choice, even though they never gave you clear expectations or parameters.

I get it—it’s a lot easier to skip that anxiety of making decisions and instead just pawn it off on someone else than it is to deal with the embarrassment of making the wrong suggestion.

Why You Should Be Making Decisions

You’re not going to get it wrong, even if it seems like you will. But if you continue letting other people make even the smallest decisions for you, they’ll add up and you’re not going to be able to make the big ones for yourself.

And the life you’re living? It won’t be yours.

But! You can make a decision without the fear of making the wrong choice. It’s called using your intuition, something we all have access to, and I’ll show you how to tune into it in this video.

Watch this video to know how to make the right decision every time, so you can take your power back (and keep scrolling for a bonus tip!)

Decision-Making Bonus Tip!

If you don’t want the burden of being judged for making a decision that’s true to you, just say, “My intuition is telling me to _______.”

Then you’re off the hook! It’s the truth, and it takes the responsibility off of you. Instead it becomes a point of curiosity: Where is my intuition taking me/us? It will be fun to find out!

All good things,

reiki near baltimore, york, towson, and timonium

Lauren is a Reiki energy healer near Baltimore, York, Timonium, and Towson areas. If you’re looking for Reiki near Baltimore or Reiki near York, PA, give her a chat! Her mobile Reiki business means you don’t have to waste time driving to get to your appointment. Instead she comes to you, and you and your home both get the benefits of this powerful energy healing treatment at a time and place that’s convenient for you! Interested in setting up a Reiki treatment? Contact Lauren here.

Beliefs Shape Our Experience

We’re distracted by what doesn’t matter

We tend to get lost in the details in ways that don’t serve us. This morning I found myself looking to drink the last drop of water from my mug and noticed there was something stuck at the bottom of it.

Instead of focusing on the fact that I had wonderful water to drink, my whole mind was consumed for a solid 5 seconds by the idea that something had contaminated my water. It wasn’t even about it being harmful to me in any way; I was just grossed out. If there was any water left in there prior to me discovering the bit of what turned out to just be tea leaves from the previous cup, the remaining water would have been undesirable to me, and I would have poured it down the sink. It would have taken me away from experiencing what really mattered, that is, if I hadn’t caught myself in the middle of that thought process.

We do this all the time, both collectively and as individuals. We worry about what we’re going to wear, so we skip nursing our bodies with breakfast in order to look appealing to others based solely on our own faulty judgments of ourselves.

We worry about what everyone else is going to think of us if we get up and dance at a wedding, so we ignore the excitement within us and stay seated, bored and feeling less-than. We worry that one detail gone wrong—one spec in a mug full of perfectly fresh, safe water—is enough to ruin the entire experience and throw away all the goodness that is right in front of us.

We fail to see the brilliance of what is because we continuously make a choice to give our power away to the minuscule details of what isn’t.

If we only new how little of an affect those circumstances actually had on us, if perceived for what they truly are. We would love every outfit, we would adore the energy and healing that dancing craves to feed us, and we certainly wouldn’t think twice about our health or social status being threatened by drinking out of a “dirty” mug if anyone else saw us do it.

Power is not given to a single seed alone. Power is in the thoughts and perspectives that water the seed—perspective is a fertilizer. This is the same way our bodies are not who we are; they are a mere reflection of what’s going on in our minds.

Beliefs shape our experience

We allow ourselves to get distracted by what doesn’t matter because we’re afraid we won’t be loved and accepted if we focus on what truly does.

What doesn’t matter:

• How you look
• The diet you’re trying desperately to stick to
• Talking about other people/what other people are talking about
• Going to the party because you don’t want to miss out even though you’d much rather be in bed sleeping

What does matter:

• Connecting genuinely with others, breaking down barriers between us
• Going with the flow of what feels right to you and only you, even if it’s in a different direction than everyone else—it will feel better than whatever satisfaction you get from people-pleasing (do you even get any satisfaction from that?)
• Following joyful thoughts and putting yourself only in experiences that are enjoyable for you

The mere thought that a spec at the bottom of a mug could contaminate a drink does more damage than the spec itself. Fear is the only thing that allows these circumstances to control us. The only thing. If we change our perspective, then nothing has control over our inner-peace, and we experience a shift—a freedom—that can never be taken away from us.

How to Train Your Mind

Fear, although it seems like such a demanding boss, is only an illusion. Those who do not yet understand this universal truth will defend the illusion with readings and research, as they were trained very well to do.

I invite you instead to train your mind to see what truly matters, to focus on protecting your energy over your image, your joy over the illusion of humiliation.

Stop giving your power away. Outside circumstances—the outfit, the audience, the dirty cup—will never have control over your health or social status. But your fear around them will. I am saying that with such conviction because I’ve lived on both sides myself, and I will never allow my perspective to shift back.

And while my brain can fall into that idle way of thinking thoughts of rejection, I have become disciplined in catching and correcting the patterns, as illustrated above.

Beliefs shape our experience

Do this by meditating, setting the intention to become aware of your thought patterns, and speaking on purpose. By that I mean, think about what you are saying, and question why you’re saying it. Does it make you feel free? Does it free others? Or does it trap them in some judgmental box? I don’t ask that to make you feel guilty—I ask because as we trap others, we are telling ourselves to recognize those qualities within ourselves, and in turn, we stay trapped.

The easiest way I’m finding to reshape your beliefs and reality is to ask for what you truly want as you’re laying down to sleep at night. And feel all the feelings that come with having that experience, because it’s never about the thing, it’s only about the feelings that thing brings. Then your subconscious will soak them in and you will find you wake up in a good mood.

But all of these practice require daily diligence. It’s not a one-time deal.

We have to challenge every single circumstance that shows up in our daily lives because each one holds a lesson for us to learn and to work through and to grow from.

For there is nothing wrong with the water except the belief that there is, and in seeing it as so, it turns to poison; there is nothing wrong with your dancing except the belief that there is, so you stumble, become embarrassed, and prove your self-fulfilled prophecy true; and there is nothing wrong with the clothes you already have on except the belief that they change how others will view you, so you keep your head low and act unworthy of attention in public, yet again proving the illusion to be true.

Energy is everything. Things are nothing.

Welcome a free, untouchable energy into your life and offer it to the world. You will find that these material and physical illusions shatter, and all you will be left with is a single thought: isn’t it all so beautiful?

One last word

It’s okay if you can’t recognize your thought patterns and limiting beliefs on your own; there’s always someone around who can always help. If you feel you could use some help with this, I recommend meeting with an energy healer, such as myself, who can help point out where you’re stuck and give you guidance and practical steps on how to get to where you want to be. To learn more about energy healing, you can check out my article about Reiki.

Baby steps,

reiki near baltimore, york, towson, and timonium

Lauren is a Reiki energy healer near Baltimore, York, Timonium, and Towson areas. If you’re looking for Reiki near Baltimore or Reiki near York, PA, give her a chat! Her mobile Reiki business means you don’t have to waste time driving to get to your appointment. Instead she comes to you, and you and your home both get the benefits of this powerful energy healing treatment at a time and place that’s convenient for you! Interested in setting up a Reiki treatment? Contact Lauren here.

Meditation Techniques: How to Actually Get Something Out of Meditation

Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques: Peace and Self-Control are Earned

Everyone tells you the benefits of meditation – spiritual balance, internal peace etc. –  and while their experiences are valid, they’re hard to believe when the same isn’t happening for you. For people who have been meditating for a while, we’re likely to tell you that you’ll experience a calm, quiet “blackness” or have some euphoric out-of-body experience that gives you so much wisdom to apply to your daily life.

It sounds so good, so you try it, but you don’t get anything except maybe about three to five minutes of frustration. For you it’s more like, “Okay, I’m calm now. I’m sitting, I’m breathing…Did I respond to James earlier? Should I do that? Is he going to think I’m ignoring him? Oh, there’s a thought! Okay, Thought, time to go away…Thought! I said go away! Seriously how does this even work?! Now I’m overly aware of my voice rambling in my mind. Crap. That’s annoying. How does this even work?”

How do you move beyond that and into all the juicy goodness it promises? I am going to talk about my meditation techniques and how these can bring you closer to realizing the true benefits of meditation.

A common misconception to anyone who has yet to try meditation is that it is easy. I mean, you just sit there, right?

But in practice, meditation seems hard. It feels like it takes a ton of effort, commitment, and motivation. But anyone who tells you about all the fruit they harvest from the practice—well, they probably fail to tell you that they still go through days where they feel like they’re just beginning again, too.

I know I sure do. There are times I just fall asleep, times I get angry and stay angry. Times I can’t ease the thoughts in my mind. And that’s just the way it goes.

There’s a story about a student who tells his teacher that he is horrible at meditating. And the teacher replies, “It will pass.” Later on the student comes back to tell his teacher that his meditation was wonderful. And the teacher again replies, “It will pass.”

No one, not even the greatest teachers, have euphoric meditations every time.

Meditation can be a battle within oneself – and it’s after this that it can yield such clarity.

Meditation: The process

People are full of emotions, and we’ve collected and stored each emotion carefully in our minds with experiences tied to them.

Unfortunately, they’re not as organized as we think they are, and when we get into a quiet place, they tend to fall out off the shelves and cause a lot of noise and mess to clean up.

While you meditate you confront these noisy feelings and come to terms with them. You learn to accept them unconditionally, without judgment. You learn to let them breathe.

But before you arrive at that understanding, it’s uncomfortable. You begin to feel antsy, and it becomes difficult to sit in one spot. You just want to get up. This all leads to tip #1 on how to actually get something out of your meditations.

Tip #1: Sit there and stay longer.

Get through it. If you haven’t sat through the antsiness and the jitters, I want you to try. When you do, you’ll feel a sense of ease. These are the ebbs and flows of meditation.

Inside, we have cognitive dissonance – two sides of our instincts telling us different things. Both want what’s best for us, but each has their own way of accomplishing it, and the resulting feeling is this internal conflict. This comes to us in the form of jitters. Of antsiness.

Normally, people who do not meditate live with these juxtapositions, these dichotomies inside. You can get through your life without meditating; plenty of people do it.

But to truly live a satisfying and in-control life—to truly be in control of yourself and know a happiness and fulfillment of life, you stick with it. You let each side of your instincts flare up and go back and forth towards each other until both are tired.

There was a man I once worked with who claimed he knew how to get the two angriest people in the office to talk calmly and actually listen to each other—you simply put them in a room together and let them yell over each other until eventually they just stop yelling. That’s when they start listening and the real, productive conversation happens.

Our thoughts, worries, anxieties—our egos—are the exact same way!

That’s why I recommend meditating for at least 40 minutes. If you set a goal to only go for 15, you’re not going to give your thoughts enough time to tire out, and you’re going to be committed to the idea that meditation isn’t worth it.

If you can do this, the conflict and cognitive dissonance will pass.

This is the ebb and flow of meditation. As quickly and intensely as that internal conflict comes, it leaves. This amazing sense of calm and peacefulness is nurtured through being able to detach from the body’s internal tug of war.

Meditation Techniques

Catching Feelings, Literally.

But if you’re convinced you can’t miss an episode of The Bachelor and can’t carve out enough time in your busy schedule for 40 minutes (which by the way, both are seeking the same end, but one’s a false means and the other will actually serve you), there’s a shortcut, which leads me to tip #2.

Tip #2: Allow yourself to feel everything that comes to you.

These are the emotions, the sensations, the feelings, and the energy that you may feel going through your body and up your spine – feel it all, wherever and however it chooses to show up (this is not your time to get to control things). Make yourself vulnerable. Remember this is just you.

These are systems your body has been gifted by life, and we have the capacity to control them, or rather to not be controlled by them. However to have this type of control over ourselves, we must make ourselves vulnerable – feel the pain, feel the energy, feel the emotion – before we can ever come to terms with it and therefore control it.

Emotions will come. You will feel them, and yes, they may get perpetually stronger. But let them pass. They don’t own you; you are not meant to be a slave to them just because you feel guilty about something. That doesn’t actually fix anything. Letting go does. Why?

They are just emotions—they are not you and you are not them.

Because we have the capacity to feel them we have the capacity to own them, meaning we are able to come to terms with them. Coming to terms with them is creating peace of mind. Each time you let them pass, you become more in control of your mind and can attain higher states of peace of mind.

If you’re still wondering how do all of that, here’s a practical bonus tip:

Each time you acknowledge an emotion or thought that makes you uncomfortable, follow it up with, “And that’s perfect. It’s completely perfect for me to be experiencing this [emotion] right now.”

Do this no matter how often it feels like it forces you to. Because that’s the actual truth.

The only reason these emotions build up and become uncomfortable is because you’re resistant to them. You know, when someone annoys you, you feel like they’re the loudest person in the room. But if you’re cool with someone (let’s say someone you’re not super close to), you don’t notice them nearly as much.

As you say, “It’s perfect for me to feel this and that and all the hate and anger I feel,” you’ll notice yourself releasing resistance to all of it, and those feelings become quiet because they feel heard and loved, even if you feel like that’s weird and not possible. Whatever—it works.

There’s no need to fix or solve anything at that time, and you can remind yourself of that as well.

Think about it—if someone tells you all the things you have to fix about yourself and gives you a bunch of ways that they think you should do it, you’re not going to like the ideas or them. The same goes for you about yourself.

But when you accept the ideas as not a part of you, but separate entities, they lose their power over you and the fear goes away. And when you see that reality, you’ll see how kindly they wave goodbye.

The flow of meditation is the perpetual confronting and releasing of emotions, each being more central to your being than the last, and thus potentially making it more difficult to sit through than the last. But this is very important and being able to sit for longer allows you to attain one of the main benefits of meditation – internal peace.

During meditation, when you want to get up, instead, kick your feet back and relax. Having the mental perseverance, which is a combination of commitment and motivation, to get through the moments that feel anything but relaxed is what will help you attain and actually get something out of meditation. Doing this over and over again, or practicing, will help you become better at it, allowing you to meditate for longer, and the cycle continues.

These are my three tips. Stay there longer, and let yourself feel everything. It all comes with practice. Meditation is an important part of spiritual development, and the spiritual journey we find ourselves on. I am a big believer in the details – take care of each and every one of them and you’ll begin to find yourself happier and more internally connected than ever before. Soon I will be offering Guided Meditations, and I encourage you to sign up! Reiki and meditation have led me internal peace – an internal peace I work on every day – and my mission in life is to help others attain the same. Stay tuned for more spiritual tips, and stay tuned for Guided Meditations!

For meditation remember,

Sit through it. Let yourself feel it. And just be okay with it.

Baby steps,


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