Everyone deserves access to a brighter future. Since change is inevitable, I seek to contribute to the positive change in the world. That’s why any time you book a session, your investment goes towards something bigger.

Imagine drinking, bathing in, and cleaning with the same water animals, parasites, and insects reside in—completely unfiltered. This is the reality that 663 million people live in.

To contribute to changing that, 10% of your investment goes to Charity: Water to provide clean water in these areas where it’s needed most. (Learn more here)

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Healing takes a village, and having a proper support system will make your journey more invigorating and effortless than you could on your own. So when you gift a Reiki session to a friend, it’s only $75, and so is your next session.

Start healing the world by healing yourself—book your session today.